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Balance Payments Through the Website

Until now, the only way to pay for bookings that had a balance due was to collect the card details over the phone or take the money when they showed up with their voucher.

Now, when you press the Email Receipt button on an order and send a receipt, it will bring up a Pay Balance Now button. This will take customers to the web checkout and allow them to pay the remaining balance, after which they will receive their tickets.

Just select a particular booking with a balance due from the Bookings > Bookings section.

Then press the Email Receipt button, which will take you to the following window:

Now fill in the desired email address and confirm it with the OK button. An email with the order receipt will be sent, asking for payment with the Pay Balance Now button.

If you press that button, it will take customers to the relevant web checkout where they can pay as usual.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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