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Communication with Sellers

Ventrata allows for a limited communication between the operation and the terminals, so you can send messages to individual sellers or to a particular location directly via Ventrata dashboard. The communication can also happen from terminal to operation. You can find this functionality at the Ticket Terminals -> Messages section.

Operation to Users

Once you are in, you can see + New Message button, which will pop up the following window (do not forget to choose correct destination if your account has more than one)

Date - set the date for the message to be sent on
Message template - you can choose from preformated templates
Attachment - you may attach file (e.g. image, sound or video)
Body - text of the message itself
Target - who will receive the message

Here you can choose between Seller and Location. If you choose seller, you need to pick one from dropdown menu below.

If you choose location, you will get option to check any of available locations, where the message will be sent.

Once you are done with all the settings, hit button Create Message and the message is ready. It will be sent automatically on chosen date (instantly if the date is today). You can see an overview of all created messages at Ticket Terminals -> Messages section.

Users to Operation

On a Dashboard page click on the yellow triangle with exclamation mark located at the bottom right.

It will open Messages page, where you can see an Inbox with all received communication. Below that you can see an option to Send Message.

If you click on it, you will get to the Select Message page, where you can select any of the templates assigned to your location, to be sent to the operation.


As was mentioned above, there is also an option to create preformatted message templates. This is useful if you are dealing with repetitive issues. You can create on via Templates button next to + New Message.

It will pops up the following window, where you simply click on Add Template and set:

Name - of this individual template
Category - for this type of template (e.g. Traffic templates)
Body - actual text of message

Then confirm via Create Message template button below and you will see an overview of all your current templates. You may edit or delete them anytime.

After the template is created, don’t forget to also assign it to particular location, so the user can communicate back to the operation. Go to the Ticket Terminals -> Locatons, edit details of appropriate location and select all desired templates in Message templates field. Then save it via Update Location button.

Next time you will be creating message, you may select it to save time.

Once the message is sent, it will appear as notification on the terminal.

If the seller clicks on it, he can see the message on the inbox.

Also attached files can be opened from there.


Updated on: 27/04/2021

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