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How to Create and Manage Fares

Fares allow you to dynamically control the pricing by setting up one or multiple rules, where at least one or all of them have to be met. When these rules are met, the price of your product changes automatically.

In this article you will learn how to create and set up your fares, as well as view a demo of how they work using some examples.

Create New Fare

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Products.

Products - Products

Select an existing product.
Go to the Fares tab.

Products - Fares

Press the + NEW FARE button.

+ New Fare

Enter the name.


Select the sources which should support dynamic pricing.


Select a conjunctive operator.

ANDall of the selected rules must be met for the fare to apply
ORat least one of the selected rules must be met for the fare to apply

Conjunctive Operator

Select one or multiple rules.

Occupancyhow full the tour is in percentages (%)
Vacanciesthe number of remaining places available on the tour
PAXthe total number of tickets sold for the selected tour
Booking Sizethe number of tickets sold in the booking
Noticethe length of time between booking date and travel date in minutes, hours or days
Durationthe amount of time the tour lasts for in minutes, hours or days


Select a comparison operator.

>higher than your value
>=equal or higher than your value
=equals your value
!=does not equal your value
<=equal or lower than your value
<lower than your value

Enter a value to complete the rule.


Press the Create Fare button.

Create Fare

Set Fare Rates

On the product level, go to the Rates tab.


From the modifiers below the Rates tab, select the 'All Fares' drop-down and switch to your newly created fare.

You can add other modifiers, such as a specific reseller, to associate the fare with the selected reseller. When combining modifiers, be mindful of other dependencies that may affect how fares are applied. In case of resellers, make sure 'Allow Fares' is enabled on the reseller detail.

Change Fare Modifier

Set new prices for this fare.

Fare Rate

Press the SAVE CHANGES button.

Save Changes

Select Default Fare

By default, fares are set to 'Automatic', meaning they are applied based on the rules created as per above. You have, however, the option to default to a specific rate.

Doing so will remove dynamic pricing and all rates will reflect rates set for the selected fare.

On the product level, press the pen and paper icon to edit the product detail.

Edit Detail

Scroll down or simply search for 'Fare'.
Select the fare that should be applied by default.

Select Default Fare

Press the Update Product button to save your changes.

Update Product

Fares in Practice

1-Rule Fares

In this example we are using the 'Booking Size' rule, where 4 or more tickets in a booking will get a different rate compared to bookings with 3 or fewer tickets in one booking.

Booking Size Rule

We set up our rates to the below values:

Regular Rate (CZK)Fare Rate (CZK)

Notice how the price changes from 200 to 150 CZK depending on the number of tickets selected in the booking:

Dynamic Pricing

Fares with AND Conjunctive Operator

We have added a 1 hour 'Notice' rule to our previous 'Booking Size', therefore the booking now has to satisfy two conditions: the booking size must be 4 or more tickets AND it must be less than 1 hour before travel date (tour start).

Booking Size AND Notice

Dynamic Pricing with AND Operator

Fares with OR Conjunctive Operator

We have changed our conjunctive operator from AND to OR, therefore the booking has to satisfy only one of the conditions: either booking at least 4 tickets OR the booking must be made within 1 hour before travel date.

Booking Size OR Notice

Notice how pricing changes when only one rule has to be met:

Dynamic Pricing with OR Conjunctive Operator

No-Rule Fare

No-rule fares are empty fares that override the application of your fares and applies your normal rates instead. This comes in handy when a one-time event has the potential to draw in more customers and you can forego fares that would otherwise apply.

To create a no rule fare,

Press the + NEW FARE button.

+ New Fare

Enter the name.


Press the Create Fare button.

Create Fare

Go to the General Availability tab.

General Availability

Select the 'Date' modifier.


Switch to 'Fare' in the view settings.


Select a date from the calendar.
Select the 'No rule' fare.

No Rule Fare

Review the fare update in General Availability.

If you select a date in another month than the current one, when you save the availability update, the calendar jumps back to the current month and the view goes back to the default 'Capacity'. Switch back to 'Fare' and to the month where the availability changed to see your changes.

General Availability - No Rule Fare

Review the fare update in the manifest.

Manifest - No Rule Fare

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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