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How to Create Comparisons (Up-Sell)

Create comparisons to products which can be offered INSTEAD OF an already selected product. This can be a premium product for a higher price with extras included in the attraction or a variation of the same product for the same price.

Comparisons (Up-Sell)

The customer selects a product, number of tickets, and tour time. Before the selection of a payment method, the customer may decide to change their selection.


Comparisons are not available through the Backoffice channel.

Create Comparisons (Up-sell)

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Products.

Products - Products

Select an existing product.
Go to the Comparisons (Up-sell) tab.
Press the + NEW COMPARISON button.

+ New Comparison

Keep the 'Up-sell' checkbox ticked to offer this comparison.
Select booking which options should offer a comparison or do nothing to keep all options.

If the product has no options, keep the default 'All Options' selection.

Up-Sell & Option

Select the comparison product.

This is the product with which the customer can REPLACE their first choice.

Other Product

Enter a description.

This appears on the web checkout when selecting a comparison product.


Select which sources can offer the comparison.


Press the Create Comparison button.

Create Comparison

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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