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How to Point Your Ventrata Sales Portal to a Custom Domain

Hosting your sales portal on a custom domain enhances your brand's professional image and credibility. It provides a seamless and cohesive experience for your employees and partners, reinforcing your brand identity.

This guide focuses on redirecting your sales portal to a custom domain. If you need guidance on how to create a new portal, please read our article on Portals.


You already have a domain where you wish to point your Ventrata Sales Portal.
You or someone in your organisation has access to your domain settings.

In the domain settings of your custom domain, create a CNAME record pointing to

If your custom domain is a root domain (for instance,, your DNS provider may not allow you to create a CNAME. In such cases, create an A record. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to obtain the A record value.

Failing to do so before adding the custom domain in Ventrata may likely result in unnecessary delays in SSL certificate provisioning.

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Resellers > Portals.

Resellers - Portals

Select an existing portal or press the + New Portal button to create a new one.

Portals - + New Portal

Enter the hostname of the portal domain.

If you do not enter a hostname, the portal will be hosted on the Ventrata domain ( However, if you decide to use a custom domain, make sure that the domain CNAME record points to in your DNS settings. This step must be done at the very beginning, see step 1 above. If you are unsure whether this has been done, please consult the setup with your webmaster.


Enable 'Redirect www.{hostname} to {hostname}'. When enabled, the subdomain www.{hostname} will redirect to {hostname}.com custom domain.

Check this box if the hostname you entered is the domain, not the subdomain. If the hostname is a subdomain, you do not need to redirect.

Make sure that the CNAME record in the DNS settings of your subdomain also points to This step must be done at the very beginning, see step 1 above. If you are unsure, whether this has been done please consult the setup with your webmaster.


Scroll down the portal form and press the Update Portal button, or Create Portal if it is a new portal, to save your settings.

Create Portal

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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