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How to Reorder Products on a Web Checkout

Ever wondered how to change the order of particular products in various categories on a web checkout? It's easy and takes just few steps, including Featured Products on a homepage and All Tours and Activities category.

The principle is always same - go to the Products - Categories and open the category you would like to reorder.

You will see Product List on the right side of the screen. All products can be dragged and dropped while hoovering above the grey stripes at their beginning. If you do so, it will change the order of the products on a checkout and saves automatically.

Featured products, All products

If you want to reorder products featured on a web checkout homepage or in the All Tours and Activities category, do the same as above.

To set featured products just create category called Featured products (or whatever you like) and set it as Featured Category in web checkout details.

To be able to reorder summary of all products in** All Tours and Activities** category also create appropriate category, list all products in it and set it as All Products Category in checkout details.

Once it's set like above, go to the category and reorder Product List as you like.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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