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How to Set Product Availability

Availability defines when and how many visitors can book your products, which is influenced by product settings such as:

allocated resources,
capacity settings,
and opening hours of the product or tour times.

Beyond product settings, there are other factors influencing a product's availability:

planned closures,
seasonal changes of availability ,
operational changes,
whitelisting and blacklisting the product in related sections (resellers, bands, sources).

In this article you will learn which settings are necessary to set a product's availability.

Resources and Resource Groups are set up in the Ventrata Dashboard.

If you need guidance on how to set up resources, read our article on How to Use Resources and Resource Groups.

In the Ventrata Dashboard, go to Products > Products.

Products - Products

Select an existing product.

Assign Resource Groups

Press the pen and paper button next to the product name.

Edit Product Detail

Scroll to the middle of the product form or simply search for 'Resource Groups'.

Resource Groups

Select the desired resource group.
Tick the ‘Reassign resources’ box to automatically assign resources in the most efficient way on any given date/tour time.

When 'Reassign resources' is enabled, any manual change is overwritten with the next new booking.

Reassign Resources

Define product Capacity

If the product is a package (contains other products), you will not be able to set capacity on the product. Instead, set capacity on the products included in the package.

If you are assigning resources, we recommend you set the capacity directly on the resource. Learn more in our article How to Use Resources and Resource Groups.

Scroll to the middle of the product form or simply search for ‘Capacity’.


Enter the desired capacity.

This indicates how many tickets can be booked at a time. If you are limited by seat numbers, use the number of seats as an indication.

Make sure the ‘Open’ checkbox is ticked, otherwise the product will not be possible to book.

Open Capacity

Scroll to the bottom of the product form.
Press the Update Product button.

Update Product

Add Opening Hours

Configure opening hours so that the product is bookable.

Select the Opening Hours tab on the product page.

Opening Hours

Press the + NEW OPENING HOUR button.

Product - + New Opening Hours

Deselect weekdays and/or months from the lists.

All weekdays and months are preselected by default.

Weekdays and Months

Press the + ADD DATE RANGE button to specify for which dates the opening hours apply.

Add Date Range

Add the opening hours in the ‘From’ field and the closing hours in the ‘To’ field.

Opening Hours

Depending on your product, you can also add frequency of service by Minutes, Hours or Days (if applicable).


Press the Create Opening Hour button.
You can create different opening hours for different days of the week or months.

Create Opening Hour

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Updated on: 17/04/2024

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