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Link Postmark with Ventrata

Since your Postmark account and the Ventrata dashboard are separate entities, they need a way to communicate. The below steps detail how to create this connection.

You have a Postmark account.
You have created a Server that can be connected with Ventrata.

In your Postmark account, go to the Servers page.

Postmark - Servers

Select your server and navigate to the API Tokens tab.
Copy the value in the 'Server API tokens' field.

If for some reason you lose your server API token, you have the option to generate a new one using the Generate another token button. In that case, please repeat the steps in this guide to re-establish the connection between Postmark and Ventrata.

Server API Tokens

Go to your Ventrata dashboard, and navigate to Products > Campaigns.
Press the Campaign Managers button.

Products - Campaigns

In the dialog window, press the + New Campaign Manager button.
Select Postmark.

New Campaign Manager

Enter the name of your campaign manager.

This can be the same as the name of your server in Postmark.


Paste the server API token from step 3. in the 'Postmark Server Token' field in the campaign form.

Server API Tokens

Postmark Server Token

Select Default Transactional Stream in the 'Postmark Message Stream field.

Postmark Message Stream

Enter the postmark sender, which is the email address that customers see upon viewing the sender information.

The sender address must be in the same domain that was verified during your Postmark account creation.

Postmark Sender (From Address)

Press the Create Campaign Manager button.

Create Campaign Manager

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Updated on: 16/05/2024

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