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New Integrations for Resellers

From now on there are new connections you can use in Ventrata.

Simply go to Resellers > Connections and click the New Connection button:

From the list then select the desired connection and do not forget to fill in some more information about the connection if required.

New integrations are:

CitySightSeeing integration

Brussels Card integration

For Brussels Card connection you have to fill in Brussels Card Public Key and Brussels Card Private Key.

OTIPASS integration

For OTIPASS connection you have to fill in OTIPASS ID, OTIPASS Api Key and OTIPASS ID Service.

iVenture integration

For iVenture connection you have to fill in iVenture Merchant ID.

CityPASS integration

For CityPASS connection you have to fill in CityPASS User, CityPASS Password and CityPASS Barcode Prefix.

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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