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New Web Checkout: Gift Card

Gift cards are prepaid vouchers that can be purchased by customers and then used as a form of payment for experiences. They typically have a stored value that can be spent over multiple transactions until the balance is depleted, for example, for an experience and/or a gift shop item. Gift cards are often used as gifts for friends, family, or colleagues, allowing recipients the flexibility to choose their own items or experiences.

Ventrata offers customers the opportunity to buy vouchers for any desired amount. These vouchers can subsequently be used to buy any product from your offering. They are redeemable on the customer-facing checkout widget.

Setting up Gift Voucher


In the Ventrata dashboard, go to Web Checkouts > Checkouts .

Web Checkout - Checkouts

Select an existing checkout.
Press the EDIT DETAILS button to edit the checkout.

Edit Checkout Details

Scroll down the checkout form or simply search for 'Allow Gift Voucher' and tick the checkbox to allow purchasing gift vouchers through the checkout widget.

Allow Gift Voucher

Press the Update Checkout button to save your changes.

Update Checkout

Gift Card Parameters

You have the option to further specify certain gift card parameters, such as minimum value amount and expiry period.

In the Ventrata dashboard, go to Supplier Settings > Supplier Settings .

Supplier Settings - Supplier Settings

Press the EDIT DETAILS button.

Edit Supplier Details

Scroll down the supplier detail form or simply search for 'Gift Card Min Amount'.
Enter the minimum value of a gift card in your default currency.

Gift Card Min Amount

Enter the gift card's expiration period in days, month or years.

Gift Expiry

Press the Update Supplier button.

Update Supplier

Gift Cards Flow

The customer selects a product where gift cards are allowed. On the Tickets page, a Buy as a gift card link appears below the unit selectors. When the customer presses the link, the right-hand side of the widget is populated with a brief description of the feature, a field to enter the gift card value amount, followed by instructions about the minimum amount and terms of purchase.

Once the customer enters the gift card flow, a Back to ticket purchase link replaces the Buy as a gift card link, which allows the customer to exit the gift card flow and continue with the regular ticket purchase.

Ticket Page: Switch to Gift Card Purchase

The customer has the option to:

set a total amount without selecting a unit, or
set an amount per unit, then select the number of the desired units; a break down of the purchase is listed above the 'Gift card value' field.

Gift Card Total Value

The Continue button takes the customer to the Checkout page, where

on the left-hand side of the page, the customer can enter their contact details

The email address is the only required field.

on the right-hand, a gradient background and a gift card icon is displayed with the value of the gift card

The colours of the gradient are pulled from the brand settings in the Ventrata dashboard.

a note stating the gift card's validity period as set up on the Supplier Settings page.
the total amount due

If the promoAndGiftCardInput feature is set to true, you can allow the customer to redeem promotion codes or other gift cards. If the promoAndGiftCardInput feature is set to false, the promotion input field is not displayed and discounts cannot be applied. For more information, see the Checkout Feature List.

Checkout Page

Gift Card Delivery Options

Deliver to Buyer - the customer enters their email address on the checkout page and the gift card is delivered to that address. That way the delivery of the gift card to the final recipient is handled by the buyer.
Deliver to Friend - the customer also has the option to send the gift card as a voucher directly to a friend (the recipient of the gift card). On the confirmation page following payment, another contact form becomes available to enter the recipient's full name, email and a personalised message.

Delivered To The Buyer (left) & To Friend (right)

Gift Voucher

Custom Gift Card Settings

Try out yourself how the Gift Card feature works on the Web Checkout:

Update Data-Config

Add the one or both gift card features to your data-config for script or button to customise widget behaviour, see the Implementation Guide for more information.


When this feature is enabled (set to true), the customer is automatically directed to the gift card flow for the product without needing to click a link. However, the gift card flow remains identical. This is particularly beneficial in instances where the product essentially functions as a gift card.

"features": {
   "openGiftFlow": true,    // by default: false


This feature restricts the customer's ability to adjust the per unit price of the gift card; they can only choose the number of tickets.

"features": {
   "disableGiftAmountInput": true    // by default false

openGiftFlow + disableGiftAmountInput

The combination of the two features allows you to maintain a degree of control over the purchasing process for gift cards. That way, customers are seamlessly directed to the gift flow, while the per unit price of the gift card is fixed.

"features": {
   "openGiftFlow": true,    // by default: false
   "disableGiftAmountInput": true    // by default false

Gift Card Flow: openGiftAmount + disableGiftAmountInput

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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