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Operator Access

This is important for operators that run with limited availability resources (such as for city tours) or that need to meet and greet clients beforehand (such as for small guided tours). Bear in mind that they will have access to all the booking information, but won’t be able to make any changes to bookings.

To set operators up, go to the Operators tab under Products:

Then select the operator and fill in the email and password fields:

Once this is complete, you can direct them to a URL so they can login. The operator will be greeted with a default page with your logo:

There are two tabs they can access: Bookings and Manifest


There are some restrictions in Bookings. Operators can't Edit Order, Make Changes, Redeem or Cancel Booking, Add New Booking, Add New Gift Certificate, Add Payment, Perform Refund, or Print Receipt. See the comparison below.

Dashboard Point of Sale

Operator's Point of Sale


Manifest in Point of Sale for operators provides the same functionality as on the Dashboard. The exception is that the only products assigned to a particular operator are visible.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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