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Show Remaining Seats

The Show Remaining Seats feature enables you to display the number of available seats for seated resources, such as buses, directly on the checkout widget. This transparency helps manage customer expectations and enhances the overall booking experience.


Make sure your seated resources are correctly set up.

Update Data-Config

Add the below piece of code in the data-config attribute of your checkout script, see the Implementation Guide for more information.

"features": {
   "showRemainingSeats": true,

Simply adding the feature in the data-config enables the feature on all products in the checkout. If you wish to limit this feature to specific products, you can do so by specifying the product ID in the data-config attribute.

You can add the showRemainingSeats feature to your data-config for script or button.*

<script src="" type="module" data-config='{"apiKey":"<YOUR_API_TOKEN>", "features": { "showRemainingSeats": true} }'></script>

Show Remaining Seats Flow

The customer selects a product where a seated resource is used. Then they select the number of units, date and timeslot.

When the feature is enabled, the timeslot button contains the number of remaining seats for that tour time.

The booking flow then continues as usual.

This feature promotes informed decision-making on the part of the customer, knowing the seat availability; builds trust by providing clear and honest information and encourages early booking as seeing limited seat availability may prompt customers to book earlier.

Show Remaining Seats

Updated on: 24/05/2024

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