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Viator Reseller Connection

How to connect Viator reseller to Ventrata via API and what can this connection do?

About Viator
Connection Capabilities
Becoming Viator Supplier
Setting up the Connection
Mapping Products
Frequently Asked Questions

Update Dec 2023: Booking Cancellations are now made regardless of the Direct API cancellation cut-off in Ventrata.
Update Nov 2023: Live Pricing is now enabled for all suppliers/products by default.

About Viator

Viator is one of the leading online travel agencies (OTAs) for travel experiences. Their online marketplace offers over 300,000 tours and activities in over 200 countries. Viator is a subsidiary of Tripadvisor, one of the world's largest travel websites. Viator is a great way for attractions and tour operators to reach a global audience and grow their businesses. There are no upfront costs to work with Viator as a supplier. Like most OTAs, they charge a % commission on all bookings made through their platform (typically 20-30%). The commission rate and commercial setup specific very depending on the type of experience and the location. To learn more visit and

Ventrata is recognized by Viator as their Top Connectivity Partner for the quality and rich capabilities of our API connection, helping suppliers make the most of their partnership with the marketplace.

Connection Capabilities

🔌 Real-Time Mapping

You will be able to view which of your Viator products are mapped to which Ventrata products, as well as update this right from Ventrata without needing to login to your Viator account. This works as follows:
Get Mappings. Viator will grant Ventrata limited permissions access to your Viator account. Ventrata will be able to pull the list of products in your Viator account, including their status, which Ventrata products they are currently mapped to, etc., and display this information in Ventrata.
Update Mapping. You will be able to update mappings right from Ventrata. When you update mappings in Ventrata, they will be updated in your Viator account in real-time.
Tour List. Additionally, Viator can also pull the list of product whitelisted for them in Ventrata. This is useful in rare cases when you or your account manager need to map the product from within your Viator account.

📅 Live Availability

Viator will sync the availability of your mapped products/options for the next 365 days based on data from Ventrata. This works as follows:
Batch Availability. Once mapped, every few hours Viator will sync which dates and and times they show as available or unavailable. They usually sync next 365 days of availability though multiple requests, each for ~7 days of availability.
Availability Notification. As availability changes, Ventrata may additionally proactively notify the Viator system when select dates and times become available or unavailable.
Real-Time Availability. Routinely every 30 minutes, as well as before allowing a customer to proceed further with the checkout, Viator will verify with Ventrata in real-time if the date/time is still available for the number of travellers selected and what the exact remaining availability is.

🏷️ Live Pricing

Viator will sync the Retail pricing of your mapped products/options for the next 365 days based on data in Ventrata. This works as follows:
Update Mapping. When you map your Viator product in Ventrata, Ventrata will notify Viator to have Live Pricing enabled for it. In some cases manual intervention from Viator team may be needed for that and it can take 1-2 business days until Live Pricing is enabled.
Batch Pricing. Every few hours Viator will sync the retail prices they display on the product page. If Ventrata product is using Fares (dynamic pricing), the price for the first fare from the list will be used as displayed as “Price From”.
Real-Time Availability. Routinely every 30 minutes, as well as before allowing a customer to proceed further with the checkout, along with the availability, Viator will also verify with Ventrata in real-time the most up-to-date price for the number of travellers selected. If Ventrata product is using Fares (dynamic pricing), the price for the applicable fare based on customer selection will be used and displayed to the customer.
Net Price Calculation. The Net (wholesale) prices according to which Viator pays you out will not being synced from Ventrata via API. Viator calculates this using the retail prices they sync from Ventrata and the % commission rate defined for the product in their system. Ensure this matches your Ventrata reseller settings for Viator.
Promotions & Special Offers. Viator will always sync retail prices excluding any applicable promotions. To offer a promotion on Viator, you must replicate it as a Special Offer in Viator Management Centre.

🎟️ Booking

Bookings created, amended, or canceled on Viator will be automatically created, amended, or cancelled in Ventrata. This works as follows:
Booking. Once a customer completes a booking, Viator will create this booking in Ventrata and issue the customer a scan-ready voucher. By default, this will be Viator’s voucher with a per-booking QR-code, booking reference, and, if applicable, resource name and seat number - unless otherwise configured (e.g. per-ticket QR-code or Ventrata-generated PDF voucher are possible). Contact information Viator collects from customers is defined in their Supplier Management Centre and will not be subject to the required fields you have set up for Direct API source in Ventrata.
Booking Cancellation. If a customer cancels a booking on Viator, Viator will cancel this booking in Ventrata. Note that Viator does not sync the cancellation cut-off from Ventrata. Cancellations will follow the cancellation cut-off defined in your Viator account and will bypass any Direct API cancellation cut-off defined in your Ventrata system.
Booking Amendment. If a customer changes their booking on Viator, Viator will change this booking in Ventrata. Note that such changes won’t be subject to the Direct API cancellation cut-off defined in your Ventrata system.

📍 Pickups (limited support)

While Viator CANNOT sync the list of pickup locations from Ventrata (these must be configured manually in your Viator account), the exact location selected by customer when booking on Viator will be added as to the the Ventrata booking as Hotel/Address and the closest pickup point configured in Ventrata will be automatically assigned to the booking. This works as follows:
Booking. As customer completes a booking, Viator will present them pickup options as configured by you in your Viator account (Remember this is NOT synched from Ventrata. We recommend configuring pickup location list in Viator exactly matching pickup points configured in Ventrata.). The exact location selected by customer when booking on Viator will be recorded as Hotel/Address on corresponding booking in Ventrata and closest pickup point will be assigned automatically. If the list of pickups locations in Viator and Ventrata matches, exact same pickup point should get assigned automatically. Note exact pickup time for the location is NOT communicated back to the customer, we recommend re-confirming pickup details with customer directly prior to the activity start in case of possible assigned pickup mismatch and to confirm exact pickup time.
Booking Amendment. Should a customer update their pickup location selection, this will be updated in Ventrata similarly to the process described above.

🔥 Promotions (limited support)

Due to a technical issue on Viator side, this functionality is not currently working as expected. If you have public promotion whitelisted in Ventrata for Viator, Live Pricing will pull retail pricing with the promotion already applied, meaning that the customer will be charged correct price, however the price will NOT be presented to customer as Viator Special Offer. However, the corresponding booking in Ventrata will be recorded with full retail pricing and promotion applied. We are working closely with Viator team on a solution to enable support for Ventrata promotions as Viator Special Offers.

💺 Resources (limited support)

While Viator CANNOT display the list of resources and seats to their customers, the resource and seat automatically allocated by Ventrata to a booking will be communicated to Viator and displayed on customer's voucher/ticket they issue.
Booking. If you product uses resources (including seated ones), the resource and seat allocated by Ventrata when customer books, will be communicated to Viator and displayed on the voucher/ticket they issue to the customer.

Becoming Viator Supplier

If you are not yet working with Viator, you can sign up for a supplier account with them at Your commercial terms (e.g. % commission) will be determined/negotiated when you sign up. Note Viator may also charge a fee for the creation of products in their system. Once you have a Viator Supplier account with your products created in it, you can proceed to setting up the connection.

Setting up the Connection

Create Viator as a Reseller in Ventrata. If you haven't yet, create Viator as a Reseller and configure it's settings (band, commission, products, etc.).

Switch Reservation System to Ventrata in Viator. Login to Viator’s Management Center. Click on your account name in the top-right corner, head to Account > Connectivity, and set Reservation System to Ventrata. If your account was previously connected to another system, this connection will be removed for all products. Once settings are saved, connection details will show as Pending. Make note of your Viator Supplier Code shown next to account name in the top right-corner. You will need it for the further steps.

Create a Connection in Ventrata. In your Ventrata Dashboard, go to Connections > Connections, then click + New Connection and select Viator from the list of available options. Set the connection Name, link the Reseller created in Step 1, enter Viator Supplier Code from Step 2, and click Create Connection. If necessary, you may also whitelist/blacklist destinations or products you wish this connection to have access to. Proceed to product mapping as described in the section below.

Mapping Products

Map products in Ventrata Connection. In your Ventrata Dashboard, go to Connections > Connections, then select your Viator connection from the list of created connections (see section above). The connection page will load the list of products & options pulled from your account. Rows highlighted in red indicate the options that need to be mapped to a product in Ventrata. To map, click on the row, then select Ventrata Product (and, if applicable, Option) you wish this Viator listing to be connected to, and click Update Mapping. If mapping was updated successfully, the row will no longer be highlighted in red. Product mapping will be automatically applied in your Viator account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not find the product on the dropdown when mapping?

Make sure the product is whitelisted for the Connection, Reseller and/or Reseller Band linked to it, and check if the Product is made available to Direct API channel.

How do I change commission % / Net prices with Viator?

Contact your Viator account manager or Viator Support. You can also increase your commission % using Viator's Accelerate program.

Does dynamic pricing (Fares) work with Viator connection?

Yes, Ventrata Fares work with Viator Live Pricing.

What confirmation method should I select in Viator system when product is connected via API?

When API connected, Booking confirmation method you select in Viator system only matters in cases of API failures. As if API fails for whatever reason, Viator will fall back to Booking Process you have selected. With this in mind, we always recommend selecting "Manual Confirmation" booking method in Viator. This means that in the unlikely case when a booking ever fail to be processed over API for any reason, instead of automatically confirming it for customer and sending you a notification email risking overbooking, Viator will instead contact you requesting to confirm or reject booking. Learn more about

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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