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Bottom Bar

The Bottom Bar feature is designed to help customers effortlessly keep track of their orders, particularly when an order includes multiple bookings. This convenient tool enhances the customer experience by providing a clear and accessible overview of all active bookings.

Bottom Bar Flow

The customer selects a product, the number of units, date and timeslot, or tour time (if available). On the Summary Page, the Continue shopping button enables the customer to add new bookings to the order. Every new booking then also appears on the bottom bar as a continuous summary (also known as a shopping cart) of the customer's order.

The bottom bar displays several key attributes:

each booking including the product name, travel date and travel time
order timeout
order total
View cart button to jump to payment
Bottom bar

Update Data-Config

The bottom bar is by default always set to true and is displayed whenever multi-booking is taking place. However, there may be cases when you wish to disable the bottom bar, for example, if you wish to implement your own bottom bar solution or simply do not wish to use the bottom bar at all.

Add the below piece of code in the data-config attribute of your checkout script to disable the bottom bar, see the Implementation Guide for more information.

"features": {
   "bottomBar": false,

Updated on: 24/05/2024

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