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CityPASS Reseller Connection

This article describes CityPASS (Pass Validation) that makes CityPASS passes scannable by Ventrata hardware without in-advance bookings. Ventrata also offers CityPASS (Reservations) connection that allows for in-advance bookings using MyCityPASS app. Both integrations can co-exist as pass scanning integration will identify any bookings made in advance for the pass scanned.

About CityPASS

CityPASS is a sightseeing pass that offers discounted admission to popular attractions in over 20 cities around the world.

Connection Capabilities

CityPASS supports:
Validation. When CityPASS pass is scanned by Ventrata hardware (point of sale, kiosk, app, etc.) or pass # is entered into "Manage my booking" page, Ventrata will check pass validity with CityPASS before creating a booking for mapped product.
Booking. If pass is valid, Ventrata will create a booking with the CityPASS Reseller Voucher transaction.
Redemption. At time of booking creation, Ventrata will communicate redemption (usage) to CityPASS. Ventrata will share booking travel date to ensure customer's pass validity doesn't start at time of booking.

Setting up the Connection

You must have a supplier account with CityPASS before setting up the connection. Contact about setting up the account.

Create CityPASS Reseller in Ventrata. If you haven't yet, create CityPASS as a Reseller and configure it's settings (band, commission, products, etc.).
Obtain API Credentials from CityPASS. Reach out to your CityPASS account manager and request production API username, password, and barcode prefix(es) for Ventrata. These must be for the production environment and not testing/staging environment.

CityPASS integration requires you setup an separate connection in Ventrata for each product/unit you offer. Repeat the below step and map products in each connection if you have multiple offers with CityPASS (each product will have own barcode prefix from CityPASS).

Create a Connection in Ventrata. In your Ventrata Dashboard, go to Connections > Connections, then click + New Connection and select CityPASS (Pass Validation) from the list of available options. Set the connection Name, link the Reseller created in Step 1, enter API username, password and barcode prefix received from CityPASS and click Create Connection. If necessary, you may also whitelist/blacklist destinations or products you wish this connection to have access to. Proceed to product mapping as described in the section below.

Mapping Products

Map products in Ventrata Connection. In your Ventrata Dashboard, go to Connections > Connections, then select your CityPASS connection from the list of created connections (see section above). The page will display CityPASS product that needs to be mapped to a product in Ventrata. To map, click on the row, then select Ventrata Product (and, if applicable__Option__) and Unit you wish this CityPASS product to be booking when pass is scanned, and click Update Mapping.


Cannot find the product I'm looking for on the list of products when mapping.Make sure the product is whitelisted for the Connection, Reseller and/or Reseller Band linked to it, and check if the Product is made available to Direct API channel.

Experiencing other issues? Reach out to Ventrata Support.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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