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Ctrip / Reseller Connection

About / Ctrip and Ctrip are two of the largest online travel agencies in the world, with a strong focus on the Chinese market. Both platforms offer a wide range of travel products and services, including flights, hotels, train tickets, and attractions and tours. Learn more:,

Connection Capabilities / Ctrip supports:
Availability. Availability on / Ctrip will be synced with Ventrata, however note / Ctrip will only check availability for tour times and units created and mapped in their system (unlike other OTAs who can dynamically update that). To offer new tours or units, you must re-do the mapping process below.
Booking. Pending Bookings, Bookings, and Cancellations made on / Ctrip, will be automatically made in Ventrata. Ventrata ticket (QRcode or barcode) will be issued with / Ctrip customer voucher. / Ctrip cannot pull PDF vouchers from Ventrata.
Pricing. Your product pricing (retail & net prices) on / Ctrip will be synced with Ventrata at a regular frequency. / Ctrip doesn't support:
Mapping. / Ctrip product mapping requires assistance from / Ctrip team. Allow for additional time. See Mapping Products.

Setting up the Connection

You must have a supplier account with / Ctrip with the products your wish them to sell created. Visit to create a an account.

Create / Ctrip Reseller in Ventrata. If you haven't yet, create / Ctrip as a Reseller and configure it's settings (band, commission, products, etc.).
Get your Account ID from / Ctrip. Contact your / Ctrip account manager asking for your Ctrip Account ID (also known as Vendor ID or Supplier ID). This ID will be required to complete the connection.
Create a Connection in Ventrata. In your Ventrata Dashboard, go to Connections > Connections, then click + New Connection and select / Ctrip from the list of available options. Set the connection Name, link the Reseller created in Step 1, enter Ctrip Account ID you've received in Step 2, and click Create Connection. If necessary, you may also whitelist/blacklist destinations or products you wish this connection to have access to. Proceed to product mapping as described in the section below.

Mapping Products

Share Mapping Information with / Ctrip. In your Ventrata Dashboard, go to Connections > Connections, then select your / Ctrip connection from the list of created connections (see section above). The page will display the list of products, units and tours (times) you have made available to / Ctrip (based on reseller, reseller band and connection settings). Column "CTRIP PRODUCT ID" will display the IDs Ctrip team need in order to complete the mapping on their side (Note these IDs differ from those you may use with other reseller connections!). Contact your / Ctrip account manager requesting to have your products connected to "Ventrata", providing them with the IDs shown. You can copy this information from the page or download as a CSV file by clicking "Download Product List" button.


Cannot find the product I'm looking for on the list of products when mapping.Make sure the product is whitelisted for the Connection, Reseller and/or Reseller Band linked to it, and check if the Product is made available to Direct API channel.

Experiencing other issues? Reach out to Ventrata Support.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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