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New Retail Purchase

The New Retail Purchase flow is primarily designed to streamline the selling of items such as water bottles, blankets, toys and other articles that a customer may require or would be happy to purchase during their visit. You may, however, utilise this flow for the upsell of new bookings within this flow.

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In the Ventrata terminal app, you can start a new retail purchase from the Sales page or the Shopping Cart of a booking.


Shopping Cart

In either case, tap the New Retail Purchase button.
You can either scan a code assigned to the item or press the Product lookup button.

Retail Purchase

If you go the Product lookup route, select an item category.


Select an item using the + icon next to the desired product.

All Items

Adjust the amount in the basket using the - and + icons.
If there are any associated promotions, select the promotion or promo code from the list by pressing the Select text.


You can choose to either
press the Checkout button to continue to the Shopping cart
press the Pay Now button to have the customer pay for the item in the basket and finish the flow

Checkout or Pay Now

If you go to the Shopping Cart, you can add new bookings (green Add New Product button at the top) or items (red New Retail Purchase button at the bottom).

Shopping Cart

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Updated on: 13/12/2023

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