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Promo / Gift Card Input

The Promo/Gift card Input feature allows customers to enter promo or gift card codes in the checkout widget to apply discounts to their orders. When enabled, customers can use these codes to pay for their orders either in full or partially, making the checkout process more flexible and customer-friendly.


Make sure valid promotions and/or gift cards have been distributed within your operation. Read our guides how to create promotions and gift cards in the Ventrata Dashboard.

Update Data-Config

Add the below piece of code in the data-config attribute of your checkout script, see the Implementation Guide for more information.

"features": {
   "promoAndGiftCardInput": true,

Simply adding the feature in the data-config enables the input on all products in the checkout. If you wish to limit this feature to specific products, you can do so by specifying the product ID in the data-config attribute.

You can add the promoAndGiftCardInput feature to your data-config for script or button.*

<script src="" type="module" data-config='{"apiKey":"<YOUR_API_TOKEN>", "features": { "promoAndGiftCardInput": true} }'></script>

Promo / Gift Card Input Flow

The customer selects a product where promo and gift card input is allowed. Then they select the number of units, date and timeslot, or tour time (if available). On the Summary Page, the customer enters their name and email address.

When promo and gift card input is enabled, a Enter promo / gift card code link appears on the summary page before any payment is made.

Without Promo / Gift Card Input (left) &amp; With Promo / Gift Card Input (right)

Upon clicking the link, an editable field appear in place of the link where the customer can enter the promo or gift card code. To verify the validity of the code, the customer has to press the CHECK button next to the code.

If the code is valid, the promotion or gift card value is deducted from the total price of the order. The customer can proceed to pay the discounted price for the order.
If the code is invalid, an error message describing the issue appears below the field. Unless a valid promo or gift card code is entered, the customer has to pay for the order in full.

Valid Promo Code

Updated on: 24/05/2024

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