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Quotes are a Ventrata booking feature which allows your guests to postpone payment and review a booking without commitment. With this feature, you'll have the flexibility to access abandoned bookings from incomplete online transactions and follow up with guests to help finalise their bookings. Plus, you'll have access to their contact information, making it easier to assist them in completing their reservation.

Allow Quotes

Via Dashboard

In the Ventrata dashboard, go to Web Checkouts > Checkouts .
Select an existing checkout.
Press the EDIT DETAILS button to edit the checkout.

Edit Checkout Details

Scroll down the checkout form or simply search for 'Allow Quotes' and tick the checkbox.

Allow Quotes

Press the Update Checkout button to save your changes.

Update Checkout

Update Data-Config

Add the below piece of code in the data-config attribute of your checkout script, see the Implementation Guide for more information.

Quotes enabled for the entire checkout

"features": {
   "quotesAllowed": true,    // by default: false

Simply adding the feature in the data-config enables quotes on all products in the checkout. If you wish to limit this feature to specific products, you can do so by specifying the product ID in the data-config attribute.

You can add this quotesAllowed feature to your data-config for script or button.*

<script src="" type="module" data-config='{"apiKey":"<YOUR_API_TOKEN>", "features": { "quotesAllowed": true} }'></script>

Quotes Flow

The booking flow begins as usual: the customer selects a product and number of units, then they select a date and a timeslot, or tour time (if available).

When quotes are enabled, a Save as Quote link (Save for later) appears on the summary page before any payment is made. Upon clicking the link, a modal window appears on the screen, presenting the customer with two choice:

they can either proceed to pay now and complete the booking immediately;
or they can opt to save the booking for later.

Summary Page

Modal Window: Save Current Selection As a Quote

This modal window serves as a clear and user-friendly interface, allowing the customer to make the decision that best fits their needs and preferences.

When quotes are enabled, the customer email address is required.

When the customer chooses to save their booking as a quote, an email is sent to the customer with the quote details and payment instructions.

Quote Confirmation

Email with Quote Details and Payment Instructions

At this stage no changes are made to product availability as the customer does not have a guaranteed spot until they proceed with some form of payment, for example, paying a deposit or the full amount. Only then the booking is confirmed and product availability updated accordingly. This ensures that customers have the flexibility to review their quote before making any commitment, while also maintaining the integrity of your inventory.

Try out yourself how the Quotes feature works on the Web Checkout:

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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