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Uptop Connection

Connection Capabilities

Uptop supports:
Availability. Your availability for connected products on Uptop will be synced with Ventrata.
Booking. Pending Bookings, Bookings, and Cancellations made with Uptop will be automatically made in Ventrata. Ventrata ticket (QRcode, barcode, or PDF) will be issued with Uptop customer voucher.
Pricing. Uptop can pull pricing from Ventrata.
Card Payments. Uptop can process transactions via select Ventrata payment gateways. Contact your Uptop to learn more.

Setting up the Connection

Create Uptop Reseller in Ventrata. If you haven't yet, create Uptop as a Reseller and configure it's settings (band, commission, products, etc.).
Create a Connection in Ventrata. In your Ventrata Dashboard, go to Connections > Connections, then click + New Connection and select Uptop from the list of available options. Set the connection Name, link the Reseller created in Step 1, and click Create Connection. If necessary, you may also whitelist/blacklist destinations or products you wish this connection to have access to.

Mapping Products

Share Mapping Information with Uptop. In your Ventrata Dashboard, go to Connections > Connections, then select your Uptop connection from the list of created connections (see section above). The connection page will display the API Key as well as the list of products you have made available to Uptop (based on reseller, reseller band and connection settings) with their IDs. Contact your Uptop account manager requesting to have your products connected to "Ventrata OCTO", providing them with your API Key as well as the List of Products with their Product and Option IDs (as shown on the page). If needed, you can download the list of products as a CSV file by clicking Export.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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