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Groups are used to share buses between two different products on the same route. Passengers are distributed between them according to free seats.

To create a group use + New Group button and set:

Active - yes or no
Default Capacity
Open - yes or no
Exclusive - if a group is booked once then it is not bookable by anyone else, the first people to book it get it to themselves
Shared - if a group is shared you can assign it to two tours at the same time
Overlaps - bookings across multiple tours fit into the same group
Wheelchair access - yes or no
Wheelchair only - for wheelchair customers only
Seating - yes or no
Interval - allows you to set how much time, on top of the tour’s duration, are resources, such as horses, rooms, boats, etc, blocked from being used by another tour

If you click on already created group, you may get to the availability matrix directly.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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