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# Promotions

Promotions are discounts for customers related to specific products, with the following columns:

Codes - number of promotions codes tobe used
Discount - the type and discount value

You may add new columns to a search, or remove current ones by using the Show Columns button:

Public - yes or no
Start Date
Start Time
End Date
End Time
Created Date
Created Time
Updated Date
Updated Time
Products - for how many is this promotion usable
Destinations - for how many usable
Promotion Scheme - type
Discount Deduction - type

You may use Saved Searches, Export, Bulk Actions (Archive) and Restore buttons as usual, as well as Generate Report.

If you want to create a promotion, use the + New Promotion button and set the following:

Limit - indicates how many times can be a single code used
Public - if the promotion is publicly visible to customers (Non-Public promotions are directly distributed, for example through email)
Combinations only - whether it’s usable only in combination with another product (Combination Discount)
Open dated - it does not require a specific date or date range
Points - how many points a concierge agent receives, some clients use this as an incentive, there is a progress bar at the top of their screen that fills up as they sell
Starts at - affects booking date
Ends at - affects booking date
Valid from - affects travel date
Valid to - affects travel date
Tour from - it is possible to restrict promotion to exact hours
Tour to - it is possible to restrict promotion to exact hours
Currency - in which the promotion applies
Min total - the minimum value of purchase required to receive this promotion
Max total - the maximum value of purchase required to receive this promotion
Min Tickets - the minimum number of tickets required to be purchased to receive this promotion
Max Tickets - the maximum number of tickets allowed to be purchased when receiving this promotion
Promotion Codes - this field allows you to create your custom promo codes or just Generate Random via the button
Promotion Scheme:

Percentage Off - a discount of x% from the ticket
X for Y - e.g. buy two tickets and get one free
Per-Ticket Discount - fixed amount
Per-Booking Discount - fixed amount
None - in the case of combos that need a promotion, you can add none

Usable On - the sources usable for a promotion
Discounted Tickets - usable tiers
Redeemable Days - usable days
Redeemable Months - usable months

Note that you may set desired Blackout dates restricting the promotion. You may also Blacklist or Whitelist all or just some checkouts, destinations, products, bands and resellers. This will allow or restrict a promotion for them.

Regarding Discount Deduction for partners see the Smarter Commission Deduction on Promotions article.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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