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Recalculating the Rates

There are instances where you want to recalculate rates on the reseller’s booking. This could be after making an update to the pricing.

How to recalculate rates

On the Bookings table select the bookings you want and you Bulk Actions > Recalculate Rates.

Sometimes, even after the rates recalculation, the newly updated pricing is not reflected on the booking. This happens when the booking is already included in an invoice and you need to exclude it at first.

How to check if a booking is included in an invoice

You can see it on the Booking table after you add the “Invoice” column.

If the column is populated with a value, the booking is included in an invoice.

You can also check this from within a particular booking.

How to exclude booking from the invoice

Go to Resellers > Invoices.

Select the particular invoice, click on the Edit button and uncheck desired booking.

Optionally you can delete the whole invoice and recreate it after rates recalculation.

You can do that from the particular invoice or via Bulk actions > Delete All.

Updated on: 28/12/2022

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