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Here you can see an overview of your Barcodes. We use this for when a third-party operator, such as Universal Studios, sends a client a spreadsheet of barcodes because they want those barcodes ONLY to be on the tickets the client sells.

You can find the following default columns here:

Label - a name. Such as Universal Studios Adult September
Operators - a third-party supplier who provides the barcodes to be printed
Scheme - how the barcodes work (upload, random, range)
Allocated - this shows how many barcodes have been used so far. If 70 tickets have been sold from this set of barcodes, then allocated will be 70
Codes Remaining - How many codes remain until you run out

Barcodes are from a third-party attraction that you can place on a ticket. The idea behind this is that if you sell a third-party attraction, the client will have to redeem the ticket first, unless it is connected by an API.


You can buy a range of barcodes from the attraction. If this is the case, you can have them printed on a web voucher or on a printed ticket from a point of sale (both mPOS and Box Office). The customer can then visit the attraction, scan and are not required to redeem the ticket.

You may use Saved Searches, Export and Generate Report as usual.

If you want to create a new barcode, use + New Barcode button and set the following:


Number Range - codes to be printed will start at number X and will end at number Y
Random Codes - the system generates random alphanumeric codes of average length 8
CSV Upload - to be used when the operation sends codes to you

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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