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Concierge: New Booking

Login to your sales portal.

If you need guidance on how to access your organisation's sales portal, read our article on How to Log in to Sales Portal.

Select your destination. Skip this step if no destinations are available.


Select a product from the product board.

Product Board

Review product specifications using the tabs at the top of the booking window:
Booking - this is where the purchase of the product takes place, selecting the type and number of visitors, tour dates, etc.
Product Description - an overview of the tour/attraction, what is (Inclusion) and what is not (Exclusions) included in the price of the ticket
Product FAQ - a list of frequently asked questions and answers as provided by the supplier
Product Cancellation Policy - the terms of cancelling the tour, for example, what percentage refund a visitor is eligible for, cancellation notice period

Product Specs

On the Booking tab, select the currency if more than one is available.

Note also the Test Order and Quote options.
* Test Order - flag the order as 'TEST' to try out the flow or test issues without including any subsequent transactions in your accounting
* Quote - flag the order as 'QUOTE' to create a quote for guests with a near exact balance due without a transaction. This checkbox also enables you to send quotes without taking up availability or blocking out your inventory. Guests then get an order receipt with a button to pay the balance and turn the quote order into a confirmed order.


Select the number of tickets per unit (Adult, Child, other).


Select the date the tickets will be used or check 'Open Dated' and state validity start date if the tickets can be used any time during the validity period.

Tour Date

Apply a promotion if applicable for the product.


Press Add to Cart and Reload to add the selected products to the shopping cart.

If you do not wish to add more products, jump to Checkout.

Add to Cart and Reload

Press the grey X button to exit the booking form to add other products.

A coloured bar appears at the bottom of your screen with a time out counter, all the selected product and total of the order. You can click the Checkout button to jump to the customer form.
Bottom Bar

Exit Booking Form

You can also remove the added product from the booking by pressing the red bin icon.

Remove Product

When you are finished adding products, press the Checkout button at the bottom of the booking window.


Review the added products on the left in the Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart

Fill in mandatory fields marked with an * (asterisk). Fill in also any contact information useful for communicating with the customer (email, mobile).


Press the Continue to Payment button.

Continue to Payment

Select one of the following payments:

The list of available payments may differ depending on your account; it will be different for internal sellers and reseller agents.

Pay full amount by card - pay for the entire booking by card
Bill to my account - pay for the entire booking on commission
Collect my commission as a deposit - collect a deposit equal to the reseller's commission and the customer pays the rest on site
Pay my wholesale rate by card - collect payment at the contracted wholesale rate
Pay later - finish the booking with a balance due, the customer will pay for the booking on site


Select a payment method.

Payment Method

Fill in the information necessary to process the transaction.

Credit/Debit Card - either enter the card information manually (Manual Entry tab) and press the Process Transaction button, or use a payment terminal (Card Terminal tab) to collect the payment
Cash - enter amount tendered ('Cash tendered' field) and the system will give you the change for the customer. If a cash drawer is connected, press the Open Cash Drawer button to handle the exchange
Gift Card - use the drop-down field to search for available gift cards that can be used as payment for the booking
Other - use the drop-down field to search for other means of payment for the booking

Then press the Confirm Order button.

Confirm Order

Once the order is complete, a confirmation window appears onscreen. You may continue to view the booking in the Bookings page of the portal, print the voucher or receipt.

Order Success!

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Updated on: 08/04/2024

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