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How to Connect a Mailjet Account

While Ventrata provides the option to create email templates, it can be also connected to Mailjet to create more personalised templates. Mailjet is a cloud-based email delivery sending and tracking system, which allows you to send campaign emails through Ventrata.

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Create Mailjet Account
Add Sender Domain or Address
Link Mailjet with Ventrata

Create Mailjet Account

To use Mailjet, first you must create a Mailjet account.

Go to
Fill in the form and press the Sign up button.

Sign up to Mailjet

Select your subscription plan and fill in the billing details (if applicable).

By default the plan with the lowest emails per month (6 000, 200 emails par day) is selected which is a free plan.
Press the Complete order button.

Confirm Subscription Plan

You will receive an activation email to the address you provided in the sign up form.
Press the Activate my account button to start using Mailjet.

Add Sender Domain or Address

You may want to send emails using a different email address than the one you used at account creation.

In your Mailjet account, go to Account Settings.

Mailjet Account

Select Add a Sender Domain or Address in the Sender & Domains section of the page.

Senders & Domains

Press the Add domain button.

Add Domain

Insert the domain and the website name ('Label').

You can add the domain or just a specific address, for example,

Press the Add button.

Add New Domain

The domain is then listed in the Address section at the bottom of the page. Make sure the domain is validated and active before sending out your campaigns.

Then go back to the top of the page and select the SPF/DKIM Authentication tab.

You need access to your DNS records to perform the below steps.

SPF/DKIM Authentication

In the Authentication Settings of your domain, press the settings button and select Setup SPF/DKIM Authentication.

Setup SPF/DKIM Authentication

Follow the onscreen instructions to allow sending emails from your domain and avoid having your emails blocked by user mail boxes.

When your DNS records are update, press the Refresh button.


Link Mailjet with Ventrata

Since your Mailjet account and the Ventrata dashboard are separate entities, they need a way to communicate. The below steps detail how to create this connection.

In your Mailjet account, go to Account Settings.

Mailjet Account

Select API Key Management (Primary and subaccount) in the REST API section of the page.

API Key Management

In the Primary API Key box you will find your API KEY and a field for SECRET KEY. Press the Generate Secret Key button get your secret key.

Generate Secret Key

A new window with both keys is displayed.
Keep this window open for the next few steps.

New Primary API Key

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Campaigns.
Press the Campaign Managers button.

Products - Campaigns

In the dialog window, press the + New Campaign Manager button.
Select 'Mailjet'.

New Campaign Manger

Enter the name of the campaign manger.


Paste the following information from your Mailjet account in step 4. into your new campaign manger:

Mailjet accountCorresponding Ventrata field
API KEYMailjet api key
SECRET KEYMailjet secret key

New Primary API Key
Ventrata - Mailjet API Key & Mailjet Secret Key

Press the Create Campaign Manager button at the bottom of the form.

Create Campaign Manager

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Updated on: 10/04/2024

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