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How to Create Options

Options allow you to create variations of your products, for example, based on language, duration or time of day. In this article you will learn how to create and set up product options.

Create a New Option

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Products.

Products - Products

Select an existing product.
Go to the Options tab.


Press the + NEW OPTION button.

+ New Option

Enter option name.
Enter a description as necessary.

Name & Description

You can make the option exclusive.

When an exclusive option is booked, it blocks out the tour date and time (if tours are available) and any resource assigned to it.


Add new or existing tags.


If your attraction is available in multiple languages, select an offered language for this particular option. Then create a new option for each language variant. Otherwise, keep this field blank.


Enter a code for the option.

This is useful for filtering and reporting purposes.


Upload a cover image for the option.

Cover Image

You can choose to exclude units, tours or extras.

During booking these disallowed elements do not appear in the offering.


Package Option Settings

The next three steps are option settings for packages. These do not appear in regular product options.

Enter the number of days the package is valid for.

Validity Days

Select which includes are not offered in the option.

Disallow Includes

Enter the number of includes the option has.

Include Count

Enter option duration in minutes, hours or days.

Duration starts to count on redemption.

You have the option to change the duration label (minutes, hours and days) to a label of your choosing, either a language variation or other.

Duration & Duration Label

If the option has limited time availability, select the start and end dates.

Starts On & Ends On

Enter the minimum and/or maximum number of tickets a booking with this option can contain.

Minimum & Maximum Booking Size

Select whether a pickup point can be selected during booking.
Select whether a pickup point must be selected during booking.

The 'Allow Custom Pickup' checkbox on the product detail must be also ticked to enforce pickup during booking.

Make sure pickup points are set up for the destination.

Pickup Allowed & Required

Select which sources can offer the option.

Available On

Enter the name of a meeting point if applicable.
Enter the latitude and longitude of the meeting point.
Enter a meeting time.

Meeting Point

Select an itinerary as appropriate.

Create itineraries for this destination.

If you wish to pull content from your MagPie account, enter your MagPie Option ID.

MagPie Option ID

Press the Create Option button.

Create Option

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Updated on: 29/03/2024

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