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How to Create Included Products

On the Product Level , you can create included product, or includes, which constitute your package. To create a package, on the product form tick the 'Package' checkbox.


The product level changes slightly to accommodate the components necessary to create a functional package product. In this article you will learn how to add includes to package products and what the individual settings mean.

Go to the Included Products tab.

Included Products

Press the + NEW INCLUDE button.

You also have the option to create INCLUDE GROUPS. Include groups are typically used for city passes. You can group includes into groups based on levels (for example, Premium or Standard) and offer a number attractions in each group.

Tick the 'Optional' checkbox to allow customers to opt out of the attraction.

By default, all includes are required. Use this checkbox to change this setting.


Select how many times the same include can be redeemed.

This is useful for annual passes or memberships.


Tick the 'Fixed Rates' checkbox to retain the include's original price instead of the pro-rata rate of the package price.

This is useful when you wish to have one or more of your includes represent the majority of the revenue. By default, the pro-rata rate of each include is calculated as follows:
[package_price] x ([include_price] / [total_price_of_includes]) = [pro-rata_rate_of_include].
EXAMPLE: A package contains three includes. Its rate is set to $60, while the rates of its individual includes as standalone products have the following rates: Include 1 = $20, Include 2 = $10 and Include 3 = $40, their rates in the package are split as follows:
Include 1 = 60 x (20 / 70) = $17.14, Include 2 = 60 x (10 / 70) = $8.57, Include 3 = 60 x (40 / 70) = $34.29
But if 'Fixed Rate' is ticked on Include 3, the split is adjusted: $60 [package_price] - $40 [fixed_rate_include-3] = $20 [remaining_balance].
Therefore, Include 1 = 20 x (20 / 30) = $13.33 Include 2 = 20 x (10 / 30 ) = $6.67, Include 3 = $40 .

Fixed Rates

Tick the 'Offset Duration' to offset the travel date of the include by the duration of the package.

This is useful for return tickets, where the inbound ticket can be booked after the tour's duration.

Offset Duration

Select the number of minutes, hours or days the include's tour date should be offset form the other includes' tour dates.


Select the included product from the list of your existing products.

Other Product

Map the package unit (field name) to the include's unit (drop-down field).


Enter how many minutes, hours or days before the next ticket for the attraction (include) can be redeemed.


Keep the 'Allow Overlap' checkbox ticked if the tour date and duration of the include can overlap with the tour dates and duration of other includes.

Allow Overlap

Select an option from the include's list.

If no option is selected, the first option on the include's product level is taken.

Product Option

Tick the 'Open Dated' checkbox if the tour date does not have to be selected at the time of booking.

The customer has to redeem their ticket for the include within the validity period of the package.

Open Dated

Select a tour or keep this empty to include all tours in the package.

Product Tour

Select a pickup point.


Indicate whether pickup is required for the include.
If pickup should not be offered on the include, tick the 'Pickup Disabled'.
Indicate whether dropoff is required for the include.

Pickup Required & Disabled, Dropoff Required

Press the Create Include button.

Create Include

Updated on: 25/03/2024

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