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How to Create Tickets

On the Product Level you have the option to create tickets, or units, that customers can buy to attend your attraction.

Create a New Ticket

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Products.

Products - Products

Select an existing product.
Go to the Tickets tab.
Press the + NEW UNIT button.

+ New Unit

Enter unit name, for example, adult, child, etc.


Enter description. This can be additional information, such as ID or height requirements.


Enter a code or unique identifier.
Select how many passengers the unit stands for.

Code & PAX

Select the ticket tier from the drop-down menu.


Tick the checkbox to use custom barcodes.

If custom barcodes are enabled, the 'Allow Voucher' on the product detail must be disabled. For more information, check our article Barcodes.

Custom Barcodes

Tick the checkbox if an ID is required.

This will only permit scanning the ticket on an attended scanner and the seller will check the ID.

ID required

Enter the minimum and maximum number of units per booking.

If the minimum quantity is 2, each booking must be made with at least 2 tickets with this unit. Conversely, if the maximum number is 10, no booking can contain more than 10 tickets with this unit.

Minimum & Maximum Quantity

Enter the minimum and maximum age the passengers must have to be able to redeem their tickets.

Minimum & Maximum Age

Assign a tax rate to the ticket if applicable.

Tax Rates

From the drop-down field, select whether a passenger with this ticket must be accompanied by someone.

Any booking that contains this ticket will require another ticket with the tier selected in the 'Accompanied By' field.

Accompanied By

Select the channels where this ticket is available for sale.

Available On

Press the Create Unit button.

Create Unit

Press the three lines on the left next to the unit to reorder units.

The order on the Tickets tab determines the order of units on the sales channels.

Units Order

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Updated on: 29/03/2024

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