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How to set up Terms and Conditions

Where can you set up Terms and Conditions?

You can find it under your product's page on dashboard after scrolling down.

Booking Terms and Cancellation Policy

How do they work?

When text is inserted into the field in dashboard, a notice will be displayed after the conditions have been selected during checkout.

Booking Terms and Conditions on Checkout

Booking T&C's Notice

However, if a link is inserted into the field in dashboard, then the user will automatically be redirected to the link upon clicking on the booking T&C's.

Please note, if two links are inserted, the application will not be able to redirect and an error will occur.

Multi-Date Packages

When using multi-day packages, the logic is the same for the privacy policy and booking terms in that a text box will be displayed or the user will be redirected. But, when a multi-day package has its own booking terms etc. then that will be displayed even if the included products have their own. And, if the multi-day package does not have its own booking policies etc, then it will display the included products' booking terms and such as follows:

Booking Terms from included products

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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