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Link Twilio with Ventrata

Since your Twilio account and the Ventrata dashboard are separate entities, they need a way to communicate. The below steps detail how to create this connection.

You have a Twilio account
You have created a Messaging Service

In your Twilio console, go to Account > API Keys & Tokens.

API Keys & Tokens

At the bottom of the page, you will find your Auth Tokens - Account SID and Auth token.

Keep this window open throughout the connection setup.

Notice that there are two sets of credentials - live and test. Use live credentials in Ventrata.

Auth Tokens

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Campaigns.
Press the Campaign Managers button.

Products - Campaigns

In the dialog window, press the + New Campaign Manager button.
Select Twilio.

New Campaign Manager

Enter the name of the campaign manger.


Enter your Account SID and Auth Token in the corresponding fields of the Ventrata campaign manager form.

To reveal your Auth token, press the eye icon on left.

Auth Tokens

Ventrata - Account SID & Auth Token

In your Twilio console, go to the Develop tab.
Select Messaging > Services .

Messaging - Services

Next to the name of your Messaging Service, a SID beginning with 'MG' followed by an alphanumeric string is displayed.
Copy the Messaging Service SID and paste it into the corresponding field of the Ventrata campaign manager form.

Messaging Service SID

Ventrata - Messaging Service SID

Press the Create Campaign Manager button.

Create Campaign Manager

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Updated on: 18/03/2024

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