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Sales portals (also known as Concierge portals) are a comfortable way to sell your products in Concierge mode from the web. You have the option to set up multiple portals for different users - internal staff, your partners and yourself, all while retaining oversight over your and your collaborators' activities.

To set up a sales portal, log into the Ventrata dashboard and follow these steps:

NOTE: All the fields are optional with the exception of 'Name'.

Go to Resellers > Portals.

Resellers - Portals

Press the + New Portal button.

Portals - + New Portal

Fill in the 'Name'. This is the name of your portal.
Tick 'Primary' if you want to make this portal your main portal.


Select the brand you want to associate with the portal.
Brands are collections of visual identities (colour schemes, logos, banners) which can be applied to various elements of your Ventrata infrastructure. Read our article on How to Use Custom Brands to learn more.


Enter the hostname of the portal domain.
The hostname can take different forms depending on, for example, the target user (internal seller, reseller, partner, or ticket teller) and type of product sold, resulting in agent.[operator_name].com, [operator_name].com or [ticket_type][partner].com domains.
If you do not enter a hostname, the portal will be hosted on the Ventrata domain ( However, if you decide to use a custom domain, make sure that the domain CNAME record points to in your DNS settings. Please consult this setup with your webmaster.


Enable 'Redirect www.{hostname} to {hostname}'.
When enabled, the subdomain www.{hostname} will redirect to {hostname}.com custom domain.
Make sure that the CNAME record in the DNS settings of your subdomain also points to Please consult this setup with your webmaster.


Select a payment gateway to enable card payments processing on the portal.
You must have the selected gateway configured in your Ventrata dashboard and you must be registered with the gateway provider. Read our article on Gateways to learn more.


Select which users can access the portal:
Seller - internal user (set up sellers in Ticket Terminals > Sellers)
Operator - supplier admin user
Agent - reseller user (set up agents in Resellers > Resellers > Agents tab, then manage Agents from Resellers > Agents)


Select a 'Featured Category' to highlight products of the selected category.
Products in the featured category will be displayed on larger tiles and will be placed first in the product list.

Select an 'All Products Category' to display products in a preferred order.
Categories group products together within the Ventrata infrastructure. Read our article on Categories to learn more.

Enable 'Allow Reseller Signup' to allow resellers to sign up to your portal.
As the supplier, you will have to approve and set up the reseller agent in the Ventrata dashboard before the agent can log in to the portal.

Allow Reseller Signup

Customise the colour scheme of your sales portal.
This step is unnecessary if you associated a brand with your portal in step 5.

Colour scheme

Define the portal's metadata in the 'Head' field.
Information in this box will not be visible on the portal. Using HTML, you can define how browsers should display the portal or control its visibility in search results.


Press the Create Portal button.

Create Portal

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Updated on: 29/12/2023

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