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In this subsection you can see an overview of all of your routes with the following information:

Group - resources with availability (for example bus, van, etc), can be shared between tours
Area - the area this route is in (you set that)
Duplicate - if you need a similar route for a different time
Export - exports this route (CSV file)

Routes are different collections of hotels in a set order and with set times that the driver picks up your customers from for the tours.

To create a new one use + New Route button and set:

Time - the starting time of the route
Copy rates from - copies the route stops and times from another existing route
Add stop - adds a new stop (available pickup site for customers)
Time - the time of the pickup
Pickup - the name of the pickup (select from your lists of created pickups)

For adding a specific route to a tour, go to the desired product, open the Tours tab and create + New Tour.

You may select an existing route there. Also don’t forget to enable the Pickup available checkbox then.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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