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This section shows an overview of your Vouchers with the following default columns:

Bill Gap

You may add also:

Check Digit
Range Start
Range End
Valid From
Valid To
Settlement (Voucher, Deposit, Deferred)

Vouchers in the context of resellers are their allocations of barcodes. These are recognised by the system, and are instantly redeemable on scan.

The best way to explain this is by example. There are two main ones:

You pre-print booklets with QR codes and hand them out to your hotel concierges. This may be because the product is too cheap to warrant printing a voucher. You will generate these QR codes within this section. The hotel concierge sells a pre-printed voucher and stamps it, the customer goes to the bus stop, the seller scans the voucher and automatically a ticket is printed.

Groupon comes to the operator and strikes a deal: they will sell a certain amount of tickets for a reduced rate and the clients will redeem the vouchers with a set of codes they send to the operator. The operator imports these codes into the vouchers and assigns it to the product and tier. A customer comes with the voucher, it is scanned, and a ticket gets printed automatically.

You may create new voucher with the + New Voucher button in the top right corner by setting:

Valid From - the start of the validity period
Valid To - the end of the validity period
Product - the related product
Tier - of a customer
Ticket per Code - quantity
Price - of the product
Commission - paid to the reseller
Settlement Method (Bill to my account, Collect my commission as a deposit, Pay later)
Voucher Blocks - where you upload custom voucher codes
Prefix - to all generated codes
Check digit - this is for a type of barcodes called EAN, which is what you use in supermarket barcodes, they usually have a number that is used for the checksum, the last one
Voucher Codes: pick 1 of 3:

Number Range - set from and to and Collateral formula. This goes sequentially from X to Y by adding one more to the list (X+1, X+2, …, Y-1, Y)
Random Codes - these must be greater than 1 and less than 15,000. They are a set number of codes
CSV Upload - a distributor sends a set of codes exported from their system and you upload it as CSV to the system, as in the Groupon example

When you Create Voucher you can Download Codes or Print Voucher after that.

You can use Bulk Actions to Archive vouchers, Restore button if you want to bring them back, Export button to download Excel or CSV file or Generate Report.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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