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Error: The ProductID was missing or invalid

This is a rather generic error and can mean a few things. This article will provide the things that could be causing this error.

How to Fix

Check that the data-config in your HTML code if contains productID and not productid.

Check that you are using the correct productID .

Check that the product is enabled for that checkout and that there are not any blacklists.

To check if your product is enabled for a checkout, go to "Web Checkouts" -> your checkout -> "Edit Details" -> "Black List Products". You should see the following to allow all of your products to be enabled on a checkout.

Blacklist Products

Check if your product has web-checkout enabled.

This can be found under your product's settings and should have the check-box "Web Checkout". See below for an example:

Enabled Web Checkout

If it is a backend connected product, make sure all values in Mapping are filled in. If the web checkout contains such a product, the product list will not be displayed.

Mapping - Backend connected product

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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