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How to Create Combinations (Cross-Sell)

Combinations (Cross-sell) offer a way to suggest customers other products IN ADDITION to the one they already selected. There are three reasons why an operation would make this decision:

One or all of the included products are not sold on their own, because they are sold for free, uninteresting or they are a loss maker, and bundling them generates profit.
You want to make sure your product is sold. More people on the HoHo bus gives you the opportunity to advertise, sell bottles of water, or upgrade them to a third day.
The two products together are popular, so it makes sense to sell them as a package.

Combinations (Cross-Sell)

The customer selects a product, number of tickets, and tour time. Before the selection of a payment method, if certain conditions are met, the customer may select another product to add to their purchase. Combination products can be sold at full price, or more often than not, at a discounted price.

Combination Offers

Combinations are not available through the Backoffice channel.

Create Combinations (Cross-sell)

In your Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Products.

Products - Products

Select an existing product.
Go to the Combinations (Cross-sell) tab.
Press the + NEW COMBINATION button.

+ New Combination

Select booking which options should offer a combination or do nothing to keep all options.

If the product has no options, keep the default 'All Options' selection.


Select the combination product.

This is the product that the customer can ADD to their first choice.

Other Product

Map units of the combination product to those of the original product.

Map Unit

Select a discount from the list of promotions or keep empty to offer each product at full price.


In the 'Period (days)' field, enter how many days after the travel date of the original product the combination product can be booked for.
Tick the 'Allow same day' checkbox to allow booking the travel date of the combination product for the same day as that of the original product.

If this is unticked, the travel date of the combination product cannot be on the same day as that of the original product.

Period & Allow Same Day

Enter how many tickets must be purchased to offer a combination.

Minimum Booking Size

Enter a description.

This appears on the web checkout when selecting a combination product.


Select which sources can offer the combination.

Available On

Press the Create Combination button.

Create Combination

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Updated on: 18/04/2024

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