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Create a Postmark Account

Postmark is an email delivery service designed to ensure fast delivery of transactional emails. Postmark prioritises transactional emails to ensure they reach recipients' inboxes promptly and reliably. By linking your Postmark account with Ventrata, your customers will never miss important messages from you.

Postmark offers high levels of customisation; however, it is recommended that you have some knowledge of HTML programming.

To set up your Postmark account, you will need to:
Create a Postmark Account
Create a Server

Create Postmark Account

Go to
Press the Start free trial button to sign up.


Fill in
your name,
your work email,
and create a password.

Read and agree to Postmark's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Press the Let's get started button to create your account.

Sign Up

Open your mail box and open an email from the 'Postmark Support' sender.
Press the Confirm Sender Signature button to verify your email address.

Confirm Sender Signature

In your Postmark account, go to the Sender Signatures page.

Sender Signatures

Press the Add Domain or Signature button.

Make sure you have access to the DNS settings of your domain.

Add Domain or Signature

Press the Add Domain button to send emails from any email address within your domain.

By adding a domain, you do not have to add confirm individual email addresses, but any email address within your domain will be able to become a sender of transactional emails.

Add Domain

Enter your domain name.

This is the part of your email address after the @ sign, for example,

Press the Verify domain button.

Verify Domain

You are then redirected to the DNS Settings page. On this page, you will find two items that need to be added to your DNS records. This step ensures that your emails are delivered reliably by signalling to email inbox providers that you are a trustworthy sender (DKIM) and that your bounced emails are stored separate from your inbox (Return Path).

DKIM - in your service provider account, add a new record, then paste the DKIM TXT value and save the record.


Return Path - in your service provider account, add a new CNAME record using the 'Hostname' provided in the DNS Settings in your Postmark account, which points to

Return Path

Watch Postmark's videos on domain authentication for different providers.

Once your DNS settings are updated, go back to your Postmark account, and press the Verify button for both records.

It may take up to 48 hours, depending on the provider, for DNS records to propagate. It is recommended to wait 30 minutes before manually verifying. A green checkmark indicates that your domain has been verified.

Reques Approval

At this stage, your account is a test account and you can send emails only within the domains you have added to your account and verified.

If you are the account owner, press the Request approval button to go live and start sending emails to real customers.

Request Approval

You will need to fill in a form about your planned volume and how you plan to use your account. This is to help Postmark maintain a level security and trustworthiness.

Review What types of messages are a good fir for Postmark to verify that your use case is a good fit and your account is approved.

The review process takes less than 24 hours on weekdays. Learn more about the approval process.

Create a Server

A server in Postmark is basically a folder to help you organise your emails.

In your Postmark account, go to the Servers page.

Postmark - Servers

You will notice that a server (or folder) is automatically created for you. To create a new one, press the Create server button.


Enter a name for your server.

Name your Server

Pick a colour for the label of your server.

The label appears as a circle in the selected colour next to the server name.
Server Label

Colour Label

Select the server type.

Live - send messages to real recipients
Sandbox - send test messages without accidentally sending a test message to real recipients

Once you select a server type, it cannot be changed.

Server Type

Press the Create server button.

Create Server

You can create as many servers in your account as you need. There is no limit to the number of servers.

To learn more about servers, read Postmark's Servers FAQs.

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Updated on: 17/05/2024

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