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Custom Receipt Templates

The custom receipt templates are a new feature that will allow you to create a custom receipt for any specific product. It will allow you to include copy, advertisements, any legal requirements, or anything else product-specific on a per-product basis without affecting your familiar, global receipts that print for all other products.

Creating a New Template

To create a new receipt template:

Click on Products and, at the bottom of the list, choose Receipts. This will take you to all of the current receipt templates you have created.

Click on New Receipt to create a new template.

From here, you will see the familiar receipt / ticket builder.

Give this template a name that will make it clearly identifiable when you go to assign templates to products.

Build your receipt using the menu on the left and hit Save.

Assigning the Template to a Product

Go to Products > Products on the Ventrata Dashboard.
Click on the product you've just created a new template for and click the yellow Edit Product button on the right.

From the Update Product menu, scroll down to the receipt template dropdown menus. There are four options. In order of importance these are: Ticket, Booking, and Deposit.

Ticket - the receipt printed when printing individual tickets per passenger
Booking - the receipt printed when printing one ticket for the entire booking that says: "3 Adults," or however many PAX are included.
Deposit - the receipt printed when a sale was for a deposit taken by a reseller.

From any of these menus you can set a template you've created for this receipt. Once you've chosen your template, scroll down the to the bottom and click Update Product.

You will notice there are defaults populated in each menu before you assign the new custom template. These are the current receipt templates that you have set in your supplier settings. These templates will apply to all products until you create and assign a custom template.

The places where you can assign these receipts are:

In a Product details
In Supplier Settings details
In Destination details

Global Templates

The global templates (the ones that apply to all products) used to be located in the Supplier Settings area of the dashboard. Now these are in Products > Receipts, just like your custom templates. By default, they have the same names as the different types of receipts. Ticket Receipt, Booking Receipt and Deposit Receipt. They are pre-populated in the Receipts menu.

These global templates will all be set in your Supplier Settings. You can see these by going to Supplier Settings on the dashboard and clicking Edit Details in the top centre of the page. Once inside the menu, scroll down to see your templates and their assignments.

(Currently shown Voucher, Order and Transaction receipts are deprecated and will be removed soon)

We encourage you not to make any changes in the Supplier Settings details menu without reaching out to support for help unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing.

Updated on: 27/04/2021

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