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Multi-Date: Validation Failed - date is before product start date

This problem should no more occur, but in any case if this error occurs on one of your products, please contact your customer success or support teams.

When does this error occur?

This error occurs when you create a Multi-Date package with a set start from date which contains products that do not have any set starting dates. This setting can be found in the dashboard settings of the products as well as the package.

Starts On Product Setting

In this example, the Starts On date of the package is set to be 1/05/2024 and the products included in it do not have any set start nor end date. When selecting the date on the travel date selection screen, the user will see the calendar open on the incorrect month.

Travel Date Selection

This calendar should open in May since the package only starts from May 1st, but instead starts from today's date. Additionally, after selecting a date before the start date, the user will get the error mentioned in the title.

Validation Failed

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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