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Per-Booking Pricing

Per-Booking Pricing is a way of setting up your product so that instead of a customer being charged for every ticket they make, they are charged for the entire booking (not including extras, items, etc.). For example, using per booking pricing, a customer could select 10 tickets priced at 10$ each and come to a total of 100$ at checkout. Whereas, using per-booking pricing, the same situation would have a total at checkout of 10$ because it is for only one booking.

Setting Up Per-Booking Pricing

Go to your product settings and scroll until you see the following settings and select the checkbox labelled "per-booking pricing"

Product Setting

Set a price for your per booking price product. This is found on the right hand side of your product page in dashboard.

Rates on Product Page

Example Product

Notice how the total in the bottom bar is 10$ even thought 6 tickets are selected.

The price of extras and items is added to the total price. In this case, if we had mandatory extras worth 5€, instead of a per booking price of 10€, we would see a value of 15€.

Example Ticket Page

Example Checkout Page

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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