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To create a new receipt use + New Receipt button. Set it’s name and use the following editing tools on a drag and drop principle:

Text - add a normal text field
Bold Text - add a bold text field
Big Text - add a big text field
Split Text - add a split text field (left and right text field)
Supplier Logo - add a logo (uploaded in supplier setting)
Product Logo - add a logo (uploaded in product -> branding)
Add Image - upload an image
Barcode - add a barcode
QR Code - add a QR Code
Spacer - add a space between two objects
Cut - add a small scissors symbol indicating where to cut the receipt, this also adds a pause while printing

See the Custom Receipt Templates article for more information.

Note, that you may also Duplicate Receipt in case you want o make a similar one.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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