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To create a new template use + New Template button and set:

For - whether the template is for Bookings, Tickets, Both or Gift Vouchers
Width in PDF Points (1/72 inch)
Height in PDF Points (1/72 inch)
Tags - for filtering purposes
Statuses - when the template applies
Sources - when the template applies
Settlement Methods - when the template applies
Product Destination
Reseller Destination

Note, that you have an option to Whitelist or Blacklist particular products, bands and resellers associated with this template.

When creating a new template, you can use the following editing tools:

Add Text - insert an editable text field
Supplier Logo - insert a logo
Product Logo - insert a logo (set in the product details)
Reseller Logo - insert a logo (set in the reseller details)
Add Line - insert an editable line
Add Rectangle - insert an editable rectangle
Add Image - upload an image
Add Map - upload a map from a provided URL
Add Barcode - insert a barcode
Add QR Code - insert a QR code
Set Background - upload a background image
Clear Background - deletes a background image

Align text to left
Align text to centre
Align text to right
Bold text
Italic text
Object colour
Object border width (in pixels) + colour
Text font
Text size
Object layer order
Duplicate object
Insert square
Insert circle
Rotate object

Do not forget to SAVE the template once you are done.

There’s also an option to Duplicate already created templates in case you want to make a similar one.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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