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A waiver is a legal document that releases an organisation from liability for certain actions or events. By signing a waiver, a customer agrees to give up their right to sue or seek damages for injuries, losses, or damages that may occur as a result of participating in a particular activity or event. Waivers are commonly used in situations where there is a risk of injury or harm, such as sports activities or recreational events.

Create a Waiver

In the Ventrata dashboard, go to Products > Waivers.

Products - Waivers

Press the + New Waiver button.

+ New Waiver

On the left-hand side of the window, start typing in the 'Products' field to assign products to the waiver.

To make the waiver required, go to the product detail and check the 'Waiver required' box.


Add fields for customers to fill in.

See Customer Fields below to learn how to add new fields.

Customer Fields

On the right-hand side of the window, enter the name of your waiver.

If you support multiple languages, enter a name for each language variant.


Fill in what conditions must be fulfilled for the waiver to be accepted, for instance, that each participant must sing the waiver.


Enter the body of your waiver, which is the text that the customers read and sign.

If you support multiple languages, each language variant must contain a body text otherwise the waiver cannot be used.

The body text of the waiver is formatted in Markdown. See Formatting the Body Text to learn how to format your waiver in the editor.


Press the Create Waiver button.

Create Waiver

Formatting the Body Text

The body text of the waiver is formatted in Markdown. However, there are additional conventions related to adding and setting up customer fields in the body text.

Switch between the Body and Preview tabs to see how your edits look.

Add Fields

Use the convention below for adding input fields in the body text. Simply replace the field_label with the name of your customer field.

-field_label-=__add a input fieldInput Field
-field_label-*=__add a required input fieldRequired Input Field
-field_label-=x__add signature fieldsSignature

You can also define a field's input type, for instance, when providing a date picker or limiting the answer to numbers.

Options include
Input TypeDescriptionExample
numberallows only integers, whole numbers-Age-=__("type":"number")
min / maxdefines the lowest / highest acceptable value-Age-=__("type":"number","min":"18")
dateenables the date picker-Date-=__("type":"date")
emailaddress must comply to standard email format"type":"email")
teltelephone number must comply international format +61283106640-Telephone_Number-=__("type":"tel")
countrydisplays a dropdown field with a list of countries-Country-=__("type":"country")

Additional Formatting

Some HTML formatting is acceptable in Markdown, but there are limitations to its use. You can find out more in this article.

Waiver Example

Customer Fields

Customer fields are input fields that your customers need to fill in. Simply selecting them in this section will not add them to the form. Customer fields must be stated in the waiver body text to be displayed and saved.

Only customer fields used in the waiver body text will be saved. Any fields not used in the body text will be discarded after saving the form.

If you support multiple languages, each created customer field must be used in every language variant.

Add Ventrata Fields

To add new customer fields, hover over the field editor. You will notice a small downward pointing arrow near the right edge of the frame. Press the arrow and select the field you wish to add from the list of options.

Add Ventrata Customer Field

Add Custom Labels

You have the option to rename Ventrata customer fields. Hover over the field editor and select a Ventrata field. Between the selected field name and the bin to the left, there is enough space to enter your custom field label.

Custom Labels

Create Custom Fields

If you require extra fields not included in the default list of options, you can create your own fields, by simply skipping the selection step. Enter your custom field name in the space reserved for your own customer fields.

You have the option to create a new customer field by stating it in the body text of the waiver first. Once you save the waiver, the customer field will appear in the list of customer fields, see Formatting the Body Text.

Custom Fields

Export / Import Customer Fields

The waiver UI allows the exporting of your customer fields.

Press the export icon to download the list of customer fields in CSV format.

Export Customer Fields


Close the waiver form.
Change the name or add a new field in the 'Field' column, and change or add a label (what the customer see) in the 'Customer Field'.
Save the document as a CSV file.
Re-open the waiver form.
Press the upload icon to upload your changes.


Press the Update Waiver button.

Update Waiver

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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