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Activity is a section of your account where you can find a log of all the changes made to your account.

An activity log is actually present in all parts of Ventrata. Whenever you create, delete or make a change, Ventrata logs everything. You can see this in action in:


Activity section is divided into three subsections:



This is an overview of all the comments made either automatically by the system or manually by the users. You can see the default columns:

Source - where the comment was mad
Name - of the author
Comment - itself
Created Date
Created Time

You may add another columns by Show Columns button, use Saved Searches, Export or Generate Report as usual.


This is a place for creating notifications regarding your bookings and products. To do so use + New Notification button. You may choose from preset options:

Booking Confirmation
Booking Update
Booking Cancellation
Item Stock Change
Product Availability Change

You get an email and mobile notification each time the event happens Booking Confirmation, Update and Cancellation. All you need to do it to choose affected products and set the email, mobile and webhook url.

Webhook is like an api that you create for one event. So say you create a webhook on a flight departure. The airline will update information on that flight departure and you get a notification of changes. But it can also be another event like price.Like getting SMS alerts for these changes, but it is done via this API interface. And you can request it automatical.

For Item Stock Change and Product Availability Change you set the value and you receive a notification when it falls below this value.


In this section you can find a log of API requests. It’s useful for debugging errors for api connected partners. By default you can see:

Request Date
Request Time
IP Address
HTTP Method
Response Code

But you can add another useful columns by Show Columns button, Export, Generate Report or Delete Requests via Bulk Actions.

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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