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Categories serve the purpose of sorting products on a webpage. You can also assign these to any sales channel.

If you create a category, you may attach it to particular products in order to group them together, e.g. London Tours, Night Tours, and Hop-On Hop-Off Tours.

You may also feature a specific category on a website. To do so, go to the Web Checkout details and select Featured Category, which will be shown on the homepage. All Products Category then serves for sorting your products in the summary of All Tours and Activities on your website.

If you want to add category to a particular product, go to the product details and set the Categories there. Note, that you can choose only one featured or all products category, but as many product categories as you want.

On a Categories dashboard page you can see the following columns:

Name - of a category
Destinations - in how many of them the category figures
Products - how many products belong to this category
Terminal - yes or no (whether available on this source)
Checkout - yes or no
Dashboard - yes or no
Connect - yes or no (API connection)
Concierge - yes or no
Kiosk - yes or no
Header - of the featured categories section on a homepage

If you want to create a new category, use the + New category button and fill in:

Name - shown in a list of all categories
Title - when you open this category this is shown at the top
Header - shown above the featured categories
Description - shown under the title
URL Path - the unique web path that leads to your product
Default - old feature (ignore that)
Featured - if the category is featured on the web checkout or not (Note, that it needs to have Cover Image to be shown)
Parent Category - if category belongs under another category
Available On - which sources and sales channels should the category be shown on
Checkout redirect - when accessed on checkout, redirect to this URL instead

You may also Whitelist or Blacklist all or some destinations. This means you can or can’t use this category in these destinations. You may also choose Products, which belong to this category, directly at the bottom of the tab.

If you open already created category, you will see it’s Details (Category Name, Url Path, Available On), which you can Edit via the button on the top.

You may also upload Cover Image and Banner Image via Branding.

You may also create Meta Tags.

You can see Product List with all the products belonging to this category as well. You may change the order of how they are shown on a web checkout by dragging them around.

Updated on: 28/12/2023

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