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How to Activate a Device in Terminal Mode

The Ventrata app enables you to sell and collect tickets for your products on selected hardware devices. By activating the terminal it is linked to, your Ventrata account synchronises your activities from the terminal with the Ventrata Dashboard.

When the Ventrata mobile app is first installed on a phone or payment terminal, you must perform the device activation process. Once activated, new versions of the app will activate the device automatically.

Create New Terminal

Open your preferred browser and enter the Ventrata dashboard.
Go to Ticket Terminals > Terminals in the navigation bar.
Ticket Terminals - Terminals
If you use Destinations, select the destination for which you want to add the new terminal.
Learn more about Destinations here.
Ticket Terminals - Destinations
Press the + New Terminal button.
Ticket Terminals - + New Terminal
Enter terminal 'Name'.
New Terminal
Enter 'Serial Number' if available.
If you are using a terminal device, you can find the Serial Number on the back of the device (copy the number following S/N). If you are using a phone, go to Settings > About phone or Android / System Settings > General > About for iOS.
Serial Number
Select 'Gateway'.
Select the configs of all peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, routers, etc. connected to the terminal.
Select the Terminals mode.
Press the Create Terminal button.
Create Terminal

Create Seller

Go to Ticket Terminals > Sellers in the navigation bar.
Ticket Terminals - Sellers
Press the + New Seller button.
Ticket Terminals - + New Seller
Enter seller 'Name'.
You will notice that an autogenerated PIN number is displayed by the seller name. You may change this to a number not yet used by another seller.
Select Seller.
The 'Destination' field will auto-populate with the destination selected at the terminal creation. You can change the seller's destination any time.
Enter the seller's 'Mobile' number (optional).
Enter the seller's 'Email' address (optional).
Mobile and Email Contact
Press the Create Seller button.
Create Seller

Activate Terminal

Open the Ventrata app on the terminal.
At the same time, go Ticket Terminals > Terminals in the dashboard.
Select your terminal and keep the Update Terminal window open on your screen.
Activation Code
On the Activation page of the app, type the activation code displayed at the top of the terminal details.
Activation Page
Then, back in your browser, go to Ticket Terminals > Sellers.
Select your seller and keep the Update Seller window open on your screen.
Seller Pin
On the Login page of the app, type the Pin code from the seller details.
Seller Login

The terminal is activated and the seller is logged in.

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Updated on: 13/12/2023

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