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Mailjet Campaigns

You have a working Mailjet account.
Your Ventrata dashboard has been linked with your Mailjet account.

If you need guidance on how to create a Mailjet account and how to link it with Ventrata, read our article on How to Connect a Mailjet Account.

Create Mailjet Template

Log in to your Mailjet account.
Go to Templates > Email Templates using the top navigation bar.

Email Templates

Select the Transactional tab below the navigation bar.

Transactional Templates

Press the Create a new template button.

Create New Template

Select your preferred method to create your template.

For the purposes of this guide, we used a template from the gallery offered by Mailjet.

Create New Transactional Template

Enter a name for your template.

It is good practice to include the purpose of the campaign in the title as it will help distinguish templates from each other.

Then press the Use this template button.

Name Your Template

Customise your template by modifying elements.
Use the pane on the left to add content elements, change the layout or settings

Edit Options

Select elements to reveal editing options

Element Options

Enter the Subject of your email and the name that should appear in the sender field.
Press the Save button.

Email and Sender Details

Press the Preview & Test button to test the look and feel of your template.

Preview & Test

Insert Variables in the Text

Mailjet variables store values assigned to them in the Ventrata dashboard.

To insert a variable into your template, press the Variables button on the actions pane of a text element.

Add Variables

Enter variable name.

Make sure Custom transactional variable is selected in the 'Type of variable' field.
A space between two words is always replaced by an underscore "_".

Insert Variable

Press the Insert button.

Variable in Body Text

For the full list of applicable variables please visit Mailjet Variables. You may also simply copy and paste variables from the article, however make sure you copy all parts of the variable correctly, ie: bookended with double brackets {{ }}, a colon and two double quotation marks "" after the variable name.

When you are happy with the look and content of your template, press the Save & Publish button.

Save & Publish

Create Ventrata Campaign

Log in to your Ventrata dashboard.
Go to Products > Campaigns.

Products - Campaigns

Press the + New Campaign button.

Campaign - + New Campaign

Enter a campaign name.
Tick the 'Active' field.

Enter Name

Select the 'Mailjet' campaign manager.

Mailjet Campaign Manager

Select your Mailjet template.

Mailjet Template

You can include a promotion.


Tick 'Scheduled' to send campaigns automatically when conditions specified using the below parameters are met:

bookings made between the selected dates and times

Booking Period

travel dates between the specified dates


X days before or after Travel Date, Booking Date, Redemption Date or Cancellation Date


Target your campaign at bookings specified by 'Booking Sources', 'Booking Types' and 'Booking Statuses'.

Campaign Booking Parameters

Target specific languages.


Select what type of channel the campaign should use to deliver receipts (email or sms only).

Only Email Receipt & Only SMS Receipt

Target specific destinations, products and resellers.

Additional Campaign Parameters

Press the Create Campaign button.

Create Campaign

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Updated on: 18/03/2024

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