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Terminal: New Booking

The New Booking flow allows you to make one or multiple orders at once and tailor them to your customers needs, be it by adding something extra to make their tour more pleasant or accommodate to their schedule to make it more convenient when possible.

If you need guidance on how to activate and log into your device, read our article on How to Activate a Terminal.

In the Ventrata terminal app, go to the Sales page.


Tap the New Booking button.

New Booking

Select a product category.


Select a product.
There is a 28 minute time limit on finishing a booking once a product has been added to the shopping cart.


Fill in the booking form.
Depending on how your products are set up, different products may have different booking forms. Below are some of the elements you may encounter on a booking form.

Promotion - select a promotion code
Learn more about Promotion Codes.
Units - select the ticket type (for example, Adult or Child) and number of tickets using the - and + buttons
Fixed Date Ticket or Flexible Ticket - select whether the ticket is redeemable for a specific date or the customer may choose a date later
Adjustments - adjust the price, you may include a 'Reason'.
You will need a supervisor Pin to do adjustments.
Either Promotion or Adjustments can be selected, but not both

Promotion, Units, Dates and Adjustments

Options - select an option


Includes - select one or more includes (products within a product) in a package
Includes with a green background on the 'Choose date' button are required.


Tax Rates - the customer may choose to pay an optional tax rate
Items - select additional items that can be purchased (for example, refreshments, blankets)

Tax Rates and Items

Review the order on the Shopping Cart page.
Update a product by tapping on it.
Add a new product by pressing the "Add New Product'' button or a new item by pressing the "New Retail Purchase'" button.
Remove a product by press the X button next to the product.

Shopping Cart

Press the Checkout button.
Fill out the Customer Info page.
The form contains contact information but can also include questions. Fill out the required fields (*) at minimum.

Customer Info - Questions

Fill in the ticket info if a separate ticket was requested for each person in the group.
Select which products the customer wants to redeem right away and which ones later.
You may also press the Redeem All button to check all products and continue.


Press the Continue button.
On the Delivery Method page, select the delivery mode by tapping the green button :
Ticket Per Person (default value) - one ticket for each person in the group
Single Group Ticket - one ticket for the entire group
Select delivery method:
Print Tickets - if a printer is available, you can print out the tickets
Send via SMS - select country code and enter phone number
Send via Email - enter email address
Send via QR code - a QR code is generated on your device after the tickets are paid for, the customer can take a picture of it and keep the ticket(s) on their phone
Scan City Pass - guidance in the next step
If the Scan City Pass delivery method was selected, select each order and scan the customer's City Pass.

Scanned City Pass

Press the Continue button.

Delivery Method

Select the payment method:
Cash - enter the amount received from the customer in the 'Amount tendered' field, in the next step the app will calculate the change for the customer
Gift Card - scan the card's QR code or enter its reference number using the app keyboard
Other - manually enter the method's reference number in the 'Reference' field
Split payments are also allowed. Change the total in the first selected payment method to the desired amount, have the customer pay this partial amount and press the Pay Now button. Change the amount in any other payment method and have the customer pay that amount, the press the Pay Now button. Repeat until the entire amount is paid.

Press the Pay Now button at the bottom of the page and request the selected payment method from the customer.

Payment Method

Once the tickets are delivered and paid for, a confirmation page is shown and a new order can be placed on the device.


Updated on: 29/12/2023

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