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Scan anything from vouchers, city passes to tickets using the Scan page of the Ventrata terminal app.

For reseller vouchers, you can also use the Reseller Voucher flow.

If you need guidance on how to activate and log into your device, read our article on How to Activate a Terminal.

Scan operates in two modes:
Standard scan
Quick scan

Standard Scan

In the Ventrata terminal app, go to the Scan page.
Make sure that the icon in the top right corner of the page shows three lines and a tick.


Scan a ticket.

The details of the scanned ticket are displayed on the screen. There is a number of things you can do with the ticket:
Reschedule - press the pen icon, select a new date and time (if applicable) and press the Reschedule button at the bottom of the page
Add customer information - in the Customer section, press the pen icon, enter the customer's information and press the Continue button
Go to booking - in the Booking section, press the booking reference number in red and review the booking details.
Bookings may contain multiple tickets the details of which you can view upon pressing the ticket tab.

Scanned Ticket

Press the dotted-menu button in the bottom left corner of the page to select an action to perform on the ticket / booking.

Menu options

Depending on how your products are set up, different products may allow different actions. Below are some of the actions you may perform on a scanned ticket / booking.

Add Extra - select a service or object which is part of the tour or attraction (for example, a mug with a picture of the customer at the attraction)

Add Extra

Redeliver Tickets - select one of the available delivery methods

Delivery Method

No Show - select if a customer has not shown up for the tour
This action can only be applied for tickets that have not yet been scanned for entry.

No Show

Combinations (Cross-sell) - add new products to the booking
There is a 28 minute time limit on finishing a booking once a product has been added to the booking.

Combinations (Cross-sell)

Comparisons (Up-sell) - add available upgrades to the scanned ticket
There is a 28 minute time limit on finishing a booking once a product has been added to the booking.

Comparisons (Up-sell)

Additional steps, like selecting a delivery method for redelivery or payment method for a selected extra may be requested depending on product setup.

When no extra steps are made after the scan, press the primary button at the bottom of the page to process the ticket / booking.
Redeem Voucher - the ticket / booking has been confirmed but not yet redeemed

Redeem Voucher

Scan Entry - the ticket / booking has been redeemed and the customer wants to enter the attraction
Once the ticket is scanned for entry, it cannot be scanned again.

Scan Entry

Quick Scan

Quick Scan is used to scan tickets without having to manually process the ticket. This way the seller sees a list of scanned tickets with an indicator whether the ticket was scanned offline (one tick) or the scan was synchronised with the server (two ticks).

On the Scan page in Standard Scan mode, press the three-lined button with a tick in the top right corner of the page.

Access Quick Scan

Scan a ticket.
Scanned tickets in Quick Scan mode appear in a list. If you press the ticket's number, you can see the same details as during normal scan mode.

Quick Scan

The ticket is redeemed or scanned for entry automatically.
When a ticket cannot be redeemed or scanned, an error message explaining the reason will appear onscreen.

Ticket Expired

Scan Limit Reached

Used Ticket

Return to Standard Scan mode by pressing the QR code icon in the top right corner of the page.

Access Standard Scan

Updated on: 29/12/2023

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