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Users are people in your organisation who have access to the Ventrata dashboard. You can assign different roles to your users to group them based on the area they work in.

To create a user,

In the Ventrata dashboard, go to Admin > Account Settings

Admin - Account Settings

Press the Users tab.


Press the + New User button.

+ New User

Enter user name.

The 'Active' checkbox is ticked by default. When unticked, the user account cannot be accessed.


Enter the user's email address.

This address will be the user's username when logging in to the dashboard.


Enter mobile phone (optional).
Select whether the account requires 2 factor authentication. If yes, select one of the methods (optional).

Provide a phone number if 'SMS' or 'Call' is selected.

2 Factor Authentication

Select whether the user should be notified about booking updates (optional).
Select whether the user is a test account.
If the user should be provided read and write access to all sections of the supplier account, flag the user as admin.

Notification, Test Mode & Admin

Assign one or multiple roles.

A role is a set of permissions. Different roles may have different sets of permissions. Make sure you only give users permissions to areas where they really need them.

When a user is flagged as 'Admin', there is no need to assign a specific role which includes all of the permissions.


Enter a supervisor pin (optional).

This pin is used to override certain restrictions for sellers on terminal devices, for example, order cancelation.


Enter user password and re-enter the same password to confirm.

The user will use this password to log in to the Ventrata dashboard.


Check all the suppliers the user can access with this account.


Keep 'Whitelist All Destinations' checked to allow the user to access all supplier destinations or restrict their access by blacklisting specific destinations.
Keep 'Whitelist All Products' checked to allow the user to access all supplier products or restrict their access by blacklisting specific products.

Blacklisting a destination or product will hide any bookings, transactions or products (if a destination is blacklisted) associated with the blacklisted items.

Blacklist destinations & products

Press the Create User button.

Create User

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Updated on: 08/03/2024

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